Foetus EP (2011)

by Ghost Mantra

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Music by Ghost Mantra
Lyrics & graphics by Paul J. Cammello


released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Ghost Mantra Lecco, Italy

Ghost Mantra is a rock band from Lecco, IT.
Their Music is a mixture of different Rock styles like Progressive, Psychedelic and more.
After publishing 2 EPs they're going to release their first professional Album in April 2014.
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Track Name: 40 Days and Nights
From civilization my steps
want to stay away
In this abyss of sand
I finally feel awake
My pupils now are not covered by clouds
And there is no way to think
of making them rain

You Gotta chase the sun
That lies above the sand,
Gotta chase the sun that
lies above the sand
Chase that circle, till you break away
40 days and nights beyond the space.

Change. Creeping tail like a snake
Crawl. Spit out all the human mire
Rot. You swarming city out of sigh
Grasp. And keep the desert in your coils

Letting go our clutch
As the night parts by day
Buildings be my body and
lost horizon my soul
40 dawns & sunsets between our hands
40 dawns & sunsets between our hands
Track Name: Eyes will bloom
I've to find
Myself to know
Who really I'm inside
And there is
No reason why
I have to hold the line.
So destroy
all mycognition
Of what is truth
Open my eyes
On the doors
Of something new

Colours shine in bottom of my mind
Rollin' heads when will
palpitate the nerves
Egyptian dimensions and
I'm a part of all
Never wondered absolute so small

Some people help me please to get
out of my brain
Breaking the cage escaping through
my head windows pane
Oooh the only way for me
Eyes will bloom, eyes will bloom


Oooh the only way for me
My eyes will bloom, will bloom
Track Name: Foetus in a brain
There is a monster inside my head

Tonight I had a sexual nightmare
Some creepy monster with his foul
hands was raping me
Then I woke up and I felt a
little strange
I saw at mirror I'd an ugly
juttin' forehead
I'd think I was still dreaming
If I just was able to think about
something, but so It wasn't
'Mama' I said 'What the hell can I do?'
'You got to check up, You got to
check up your fucking brain'

RIT: There's a shit inside
me ther is growing
it doesn't matter if his matter is gry
I would like to be saved from this folly
I have a foetus in the brain!

There is a monster
inside my head
that now is eating
cerebral shreds
he is so hungry
I've no place to hide
'till the day he'll have
digested my mind

Hey. You're not allowed to stay
I can't tame you it's in vain
All this story is insane...
Is insane! Is insane!
I've a foetus in my fucking brain!

There is a monster...inside my head
...that now is eating...cerebral shreds
He is so hungry....I've no place to hide...
'till the day he'll have...digested my mind

[ I have a foetus, have a foetus
in my fucking brain! ] X 4!
Track Name: Betelgeuse

As the outburnst of thousand suns
reach my eyes after centuries
so we can survive through memories.
Don't cast away your remembrances
let the asters oversee your street
let that their side could be light or dark.

RIT. Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse

If everything that you remind
in the eternal sleep would disappear
How could then life be reality?
So the reference are stars
that always stay at same place
but sometimes they fade out

Betelgeuse Yeeah

I'll surpass the speed of light
and I'll cross the space across the time
So I'll meet you again in memory,
Oh, Betelgeuse